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A Sincere Thank You!

Thank you to all that voted for me in this election.  I will not let you down!


Michael Siefkes

Election Results

A link to the results: Election Results

They are updated at 4:30 each day until all of the ballots are counted.

Current City Council seeking LESS citizen input and oversight.

Michael Siefkes for SeaTac City Council Position #5

It is time to shake the dust off the old website and announce that I am running for the SeaTac City Council.  Over the next few weeks I will explain why I am running and why those currently serving on the City Council are not doing a good job.

I look forward to working with everyone to make SeaTac a better place.



It’s Alive!

After a long hiatus, the site is going to start ramping up again.  I will start by posting my recommendations as to the initiatives and candidates coming up for a vote on Tuesday.  From there we will go with Mia’s hidden secret and the cover-up (courtesy of Tony Anderson.)  We will also cover the contents of the e-mails that have been acquired under the Public Records Act.

It is time to get the facts, become involved in your local government and take back control.

It is great to be back.  🙂


The Strategy of the Desperate

I was called last week by two people in connection with Mia-gate.  Each of them explained that they had been asked to attend tomorrows City Council Meeting and decry the Public Records Request for Councilmember Gregerson’s e-mails.  Both said they were supportive of my request and simply wanted to let me know of the artificial furor that was going to be generated.

The City Council has no authority to stop my FOIA request.  Not only that, those opposing the request know that there is nothing that will convince me to drop the request.

So why are they doing this?  Simple.  The politics of distraction.  They would like to shift the focus onto the request itself instead of on the pending results.

Those opposing the Public Records Request may parade a few people up there decrying the request, but their arguments are easily batted aside.   They will say how Mia apologized to Leonard Luna umpteen times and try to make this an argument about Leonard.   The truth is that this request was not initiated by Leonard and will go forward no matter how that situation is resolved.   They will talk about how much this costs.  Remember this.  The city just bought a superfluous building for $12 million because it was “a good price.”  That purchase generated two huge Public Records Requests – far larger requests than mine.  If they want to cry costs hold them accountable for the costs they generated.

The public expects a certain amount of maturity and decorum from City Council Members.  The Council should be ecstatic for the request, right?  IF they were acting as they should and as we should expect there would be nothing to hide.  Instead, they fear the exposure of who they really are.

True character is shown by how you act when you do not think anyone will know about it.  We will soon know.


No Graceful Exit

I sat through the city council meeting tonight.  I had hoped that Council member Gregerson would do the right thing and resign with her dignity intact.

She did not.


Time to return some calls and file a FOIA request.


It is time . . . Ms. Gregerson needs to resign.

Over the last few weeks I have thought carefully about what my personal goals are for the City of SeaTac and this blog.  I care deeply about the city and have no wish to air the city’s or the city council’s dirty laundry unless it serves as a vehicle to better the city.

Because of this, I have delayed returning calls to the downtown television station about the untold story of Mia Gregerson.  I have also delayed submitting my FOIA request on the untold story.

What am I waiting for?

Tuesday night.

Ms. Gregerson, I am calling on you to resign from the city council on Tuesday night.  I know why you should.  You know why you should.  I am hoping you do the right thing.


The Big Story is about to hit.

I received a call yesterday from a Seattle television station (yes, a station that begins it’s call letters with a ‘K’) about the as-yet-unreported Mia Gregerson story.  The Highline Times is also aware of the story.

I am filing the Public Records Disclosure Request today about it also.

You deserve to know and will know all the details soon.


Gregerson, the Highline Times and Slick Tony’s Sideshow

The following is my response to the Highline Times and is posted here and after the article.  It is linked here.

On March 31, the e-mails were exchanged between Councilmember Gregerson and Mr. Leonard Luna.  I was informed of the e-mails and, after talking to several people, found that the Councilmember had been rude and insensitive to other people, even so far that one person had her e-mails automatically sent to the trash folder.

Because of this, I felt it important to find out just how bad the problem was.  On April 1, I filed a Public Disclosure Act request for her e-mails.  I was told it would take some time as I was behind two other significant requests.

I originally thought I would drop the request had Councilmember Gregerson resigned.  But since that time, I have been strongly pressured to drop the request.  This leads me to believe there is far more to the e-mails than a few “witty” comments disguised as clumsy insults.  It is best for all of us to know what the e-mails contain, even if it costs the councilmember and some city staff their jobs.  This story is now about the contents of the e-mails, no matter how the issue is resolved with Mr. Luna.

By the way, a very large and telling part of the story has not yet been publicly told, but will be soon.

Tony Anderson has decided to assist Councilmember Gregerson.  The truth is that his statements are simply a political diversionary tactic. He seems unusually adept at being a politician.  For example, he claims to speak for the whole council (really?).  He throws a red herring that this has something to do with people wanting a strong mayor.  He claims that a city that just bought an unnecessary building for $12 million is going to lose money by putting some e-mails on a CD.

What do the e-mails contain?  That is the key.  Everything else is just Slick Tony’s Sideshow.