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Sign Wars!

This time of every election is interesting.  The actions taken by candidates and causes in the endgame of an election either show character or a lack thereof.

Every election has a Sign War.  Opposing candidates search for places with the best exposure for their signs.  Their hope is for name recognition […]

The Port, Porn and Tony Anderson

The Port of Seattle had a scandal – and Tony Anderson was involved.

An investigation showed that racist, sexist and sexually explicit content was being viewed and shared by 32 Port of Seattle police officers.

From the Seattle P-I (Graphic Content Warning!):

But let’s […]

Recreating the Wheel

I was just going to do a long post on the results of the State Audit and how much money we are losing because of the form of government and who is on the Council.  Fortunately, an analysis has already been done over on the SCFEM.  My thanks to Earl Gibson for all […]


I’ll go more in depth on the firing of Craig Ward another day but I want to address the SeaTac City Council and their actions tonight.

Simple story is this.  Business enters into an agreement with the city to develop its own land.  City Council votes to approve the agreement.  Barely […]

City Manager getting Fired!

Tonight the City Manager is getting fired.  Oh, he’ll be around til the end of the year but that’s it.  More in depth analysis after the meeting.

Some things Never Change – SeaTac 10/24/1990

This opinion is as true today as it has ever been.  Heck, Terry Anderson was on the Council when this letter was written.

In the Pipeline

So, just a preview of what is coming soon.  Some of these topics require in-depth research but they are coming around nicely.

1.  The Port, Porn and Tony Anderson. Tony Anderson’s involvement in the Port-Porn Scandal.

2.  The Tip of the Iceberg. The players and money in the PDC scandal.  Craig Ward wasn’t alone in […]

Angle Lake Manor Commity Club

Angle Lake Manor Community Club is a Homeowners Association for around 125 homes in Angle Lake.  All five (of the seven) council members that live in that area belong to that club (and maybe six (of seven) if Standridge gets elected).

So, is that why the Club has the City Logo on […]

WE paid the City Manager’s Fine.

Just when I thought the corruption couldn’t get worse.  When Mr. Ward admitted that he illegally authorized city funds and resources to be used to influence a ballot initiative he was fined.

Mr. Ward then presented the $1000 fine (more on this on a different day) to the CITY for payment!  Yes, he violated the […]

Congrats on Showing Up. Except one who doesn’t.

I attended the City Council meeting on September 8.  I was happy to see that Rick Forschler, Pam Fernald and Michael Kovacs were all there.  All three of them have attended numerous meetings and can hit the floor running.

The only one running that never shows up?  Jonathan Standridge.  While his signs litter our roads […]