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Craig Ward gets a Free Attorney from the City?

“You have the right to an attorney.  If you cannot afford one one will be provided to you.”  We all know those lines from movies and TV.

Criminals get free attorneys if they can’t afford one.  But how about City Managers making over $160,000 that are accused of violating the law by using city money […]

A Very Fast Start . . . and a Thank You

When I made my first post a little over 3 weeks ago I was not sure how many people felt the same way.  I have some deep concerns about the running of the city and the character of those that are supposed to govern.  I thought a blog would be a good idea as […]

Featured Comment – Very Nice!

I read a comment this morning that was so good I didn’t want it to get lost.  I will just cut and paste it in full here.

An Elected Mayor is Best

Curiously, Mr. Layden argues for SeaTac’s current form of government – a hired City Manager – by raising the issues of diversity of […]

Upcoming Posts

Just a preview of what is to come over the coming weeks:

Craig Ward breaks the law and gets Caught – but keeps his job?

The Port, Porn and Tony Anderson

How a Weak Mayor Costs Us Money

The Map:  The Angle Lake 5 (+1?)

Plus many, many more.


Desperate Times . . . (Illegal?) Desperate Measures.

As we hit the sixty day mark until the next election some of those in office are resorting to desperate and possibly illegal practices to boost their chances of holding on to their office.

The latest?  The City Counsel tried to hold a meeting without letting anybody know that a meeting is going on.  Basically […]

What our City does for the People? Nothing Much.

This is 51st Avenue South around 164th.  Beautiful isn’t it?  Notice the extra wide streets and the sidewalks.  That is very important.  You can see the bus in the background.  That’s right.  It is on the bus route with 8 buses taking this road every hour.  It is also part of the truck route to […]