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City of Angle Lake?

Our country’s founding fathers set up a great system for our legislature.  Two senators from each state represent the entire state while the representatives from each state represent smaller areas within the state.  This insures that all areas have at least some say in the running of the government.  This same system was adopted by our fine State.

How does it work in SeaTac?  Well, really it doesn’t.  Five of the Seven Council Members (Yes, Over 70%!)  live at Angle Lake.  After this election that number could be OVER 85%

So this election has the incumbants Tony Anderson (Angle Lake), Barry Ladenburg (Angle Lake) and new  candidate (Angle Lake and former president of the Angle Lake (Country?) club) Jonathan Standridge.

Also running is Rick Forschler (North SeaTac), Pamela Fernald (North SeaTac) and Michael Kovacs (technically Angle Lake).

Let’s not be naive.  How do you think the important decisions get made when most of the council members live within houses of each other?    Forget the Open Meetings Act.  I was just at a neighbors house with some other neighbors. There won’t be pictures.  There won’t be a transcript.  But you know that sort of thing happens all the time.

By the way, I would encourage you to drive around Angle Lake then drive around around any residential area around Safeway on Military Road and see who the city really cares about.  It is easy to see.  And you won’t need me to point it out.

Have a great weekend!  Let’s get a strong Mayor who can be accountable (Yes on Prop 1) and get rid of the Angle Lake Three (Anderson, Ladenburg and Standridge) so that the SeaTac city government can go back to serving the people of SeaTac instead of the neighborhood of Angle Lake.