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In the Pipeline

So, just a preview of what is coming soon.  Some of these topics require in-depth research but they are coming around nicely.

1.  The Port, Porn and Tony Anderson. Tony Anderson’s involvement in the Port-Porn Scandal.

2.  The Tip of the Iceberg. The players and money in the PDC scandal.  Craig Ward wasn’t alone in using our tax dollars to influence our votes.

3. The State Auditor Says . . . The State Audit of the City of SeaTac and the incompetence (fraud?) that it found.

4. It is New but is it Clean? I will be looking into an issue involving possible kick-backs in the building of the new Fire Mansion.  That’s the whispers anyway and more to come as facts present themselves.

5. Donors Donors Donors. Again a look into the fact that Kovacs, Forschler and Fernald (my mistake for not seeing the numbers) are showing all donors and the others are hiding them.   A look into the past donors of Anderson.

6. You Said What? A look at the statements made by candidates in their questionnaires.

7. SeaTac Works Now? (Really???) A look at who is supporting the current Strong City Manager/Weak Council system.  There are some candidate connections.

8. The Case for a Strong Mayor. A very easy case to make but I will spell it out anyway.

And more as they become available.  And know this, the story doesn’t end this November.