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I’ll go more in depth on the firing of Craig Ward another day but I want to address the SeaTac City Council and their actions tonight.

the_worlds_greatest_liar_buttonSimple story is this.  Business enters into an agreement with the city to develop its own land.  City Council votes to approve the agreement.  Barely halfway through the six-year agreement, the City Council decides they would rather just kick the owners out of their own property than honor their agreement (their word).  So tonight, that is just what they voted to do.  They are going to condemn the land, force the owners into Court and probably force them to go out of business after 45 years of employing people.

And why?  Well besides a horrible sense of entitlement (VERY prominently exhibited by Mia Gregerson), the City Council wants to . . . get this . . . Build a Parking Lot! Yes, in the midst of a sea of parking lots the city wants to own one too.  Oh, not a free one or anything.  One that you have a to pay to use.

And get this, they didn’t even tell us how much this boondoggle will cost!  They don’t know.  They don’t care.

The City Council acted like a spoiled five year old that didn’t get the toy they wanted and threw a fit and is trying to take it away by force.  Only they will be throwing a fit with millions of dollars of our money.   They should be ashamed.   I am ashamed of them.

Terry Anderson wasn’t there to vote.  It is not surprising.  She has skipped every important vote for 20 years.  She even skipped the YMCA land give-away vote.  For political reasons Tony Anderson voted no (he only objected to the timing not the substance).  Everyone else sold the voters down the river including Ladenburg.

Strain at a Gnat and Swallow a Camel.

The real funny thing, and yes I laughed out loud, happened next.  Ten minutes later they went on and on grilling Kit Ledbetter about the costs of a park structure.  They went to great lengths discussing $20,000 here and $32,000 there.  Just scant minutes after NOT going into ANY details of the costs of acquiring the property (and losing the taxes generated from a good business and putting people out of work).  A conservative estimate just for the land after the court fight is $11 million.

I am beginning to believe I have vastly overestimated the intelligence and underestimated the corruption of those on the council.