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Hiding your Donors? Shame on you!

The Washington Public Disclosure Commission does some things good and some things bad.  One of the worst?  Allowing people running in smaller elections the option of NOT revealing their donors.  So, this means that you and I cannot see who the money behind the candidate is.  We have some information from past elections to go on but first things first.

This election has a total of 6 candidates.  Let’s see who is hiding their money?

1.  Tony Anderson.  Not a shocker.  He raised over $10,000 in 2005 – more money than anyone running for SeaTac office has.  (this includes Lobbyist money from Martin Durkan Jr.)  This time around he is playing “Hide the Donor.”  I wonder how much he is getting from lobbyists this time around?

2.  Barry Ladenburg.  Since he was appointed and this is his first run we will never know the string pullers.

3.  Jonathan Standridge.  The other Angle Laker hiding his donors.

Kudos go out to:

Richard Forschler and Michael Kovacs.  You want to know who donates to them?  You can go to the PDC website and look them up.  Also, Kudos to Pam Fernald for her transparency.  While the PDC site does not have her updated yet her donors will be available to any who care to see.