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The Port, Porn and Tony Anderson

The Port of Seattle had a scandal – and Tony Anderson was involved.

An investigation showed that racist, sexist and sexually explicit content was being viewed and shared by 32 Port of Seattle police officers.

From the Seattle P-I (Graphic Content Warning!):

9-23-2009 1-59-18 PM

But let’s go one step further.  Let’s say there was a police officer that decided it was more important to sit around viewing “inappropriate web sites” than to investigate a drive-by shooting that resulted in a double homicide.

From the Seattle P-I:

9-23-2009 1-22-12 PM

We really don’t know exactly what he was looking at.  It could have been anything in that first quoted paragraph.  All we know is that is was classified as “inappropriate content.”

Do we want someone tainted by that type of scandal representing us?

Do we want someone on the council that ignores their sworn duty to protect and to serve and chooses “inappropriate content” over a “double homicide”?

Does the fact that he was supposed to be supervising the officers when all this was going on show what sort of leader he is?

My answer is simple.  He is not good enough for SeaTac City Council.


PS:   One last thing.  The city pays for the Council Member’s Home Internet access.  The audit pointed out this:

SP32-20090923-191736 I would also think it wise to have a home internet policy especially knowing what we know now.

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