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Sign Wars!

This time of every election is interesting.  The actions taken by candidates and causes in the endgame of an election either show character or a lack thereof.

Every election has a Sign War.  Opposing candidates search for places with the best exposure for their signs.  Their hope is for name recognition and, eventually, a campaign victory.

Like other aspects of the campaign, there seem to be two different approaches.  One approach is to ask permission for placement of signs and leave the other signs alone.  The other?  Place signs without permission and mess with the opponents signs.

As I have driven through SeaTac, I have noticed that the signs for Rick Forschler, Michael Kovacs, Pam Fernald and the Pro Prop 1 have been disappearing or being broken or knocked over at an alarming pace.  These signs had been placed with the property owners permission.

A real problem seems to be that some of the opposition simply went out and placed a sign next to their opponents signs – without the permission of the property owner. Just because someone has a Forschler sign on their property does not mean they want a Standridge sign too.   (and really, why would anyone want a Standridge sign? Don’t we have enough Angle Lake myopia without having 6 of the 7 council members from there?)

Character counts.  And the candidates or supporters placing signs on private property without permission or removing signs of other candidates when they had permission are showing a lack of character.


PS I’ll get some pictures of what I am talking about today and add them to this story.