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“Firing” and “Visioning” to save our jobs!

Desperate people do desperate things and this election is no different. After four years of accomplishing nothing on the Council, Anderson and the rest of the Council are doing two things to try to convince you, the voter, that they are more than the tail being wagged by the City dog.

First up?  They fire Craig Ward, the City Manager.  For those of you in the “SeaTac works now” camp that should be enough to show you the fallacy of your ways.  Mr. Ward needed to be fired.  The timing, however, is very suspect.  They could have fired him long ago when we cost the city tens of thousands of dollars in the PDC scandal.  What did they do?  Nothing.  They could have fired him right after they learned the city had lost well over a million dollars (maybe two) in the construction of the new fire station.  They sat silent.  Why?  Because they were counting on a disinterested public not noticing.  But now, weeks before an election, with people paying attention they finally had to act.  They did so without public discussion.  They took no public comment as to that action. (They voted without comment to put it on the consent agenda.  Way to take a stand.)  They took action for political reasons only and no other

The council is also going through a “visioning” process.  Yes, that is right.  The Council does not feel it has a grasp on what you, the voter, want from the City.  So, they hired someone (at what cost?) to tell them.   I do know this.  If Anderson and Ladenburg do not already know what the people of SeaTac want than it is time for them to go.  Those without a vision should not be leading our City.

So, my vote will be going for Yes to Prop 1, and to Kovacs, Fernald and Forschler.  They have a vision.