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Out of Shape

Mr. Shape may need to go to the dentist to remove his foot from his mouth this time.  He wrote a letter to the Highline Times – and Rami Belson’s old adage came to mind.  “It’s better to keep your mouth shut and give the impression that you’re stupid than to open it and remove all doubt.”  Thank you Mr. Shape, for removing all doubt.

I call him “Mr.” instead of Mayor for a reason.  In a weak mayor form of government, the mayor is good for little but numerous silly photo-ops. (Yeah, Ralph, it sure looked like you were climbing that YMCA rock wall!)

I want to note that I am a private citizen, not a public figure.  I am not running for office, nor have I asked anyone to run for office, or donated as much as a penny to a candidate, or cause this election.  And, as great of an idea as it is, I have never been involved in Proposition 1.

This summer, I decided to become involved again with the City.  Not as a candidate, or member of a committee or commission, but simply as an impartial observer looking at how the city has done over the last four years.

What I found was both sad and disappointing.  That is why I started  As I looked closer at the City I love, I found incompetence, ignorance and scandal on the City Council.  I have found waste, poor leadership and preferential treatment.  Basically, I have found what you would expect to find when a City Council is completely unaccountable for their actions to the voters.

As you look through you can see that the items are backed up by evidence, unlike the personal attacks by Mr. Shape towards me.  Mr. Shape’s entire letter comes off like a three year old that just had his favorite toy taken away from him.  True leaders react to unpleasant truths by addressing the issues.  Poor leaders react by attacking the messenger. Mr. Shape is a poor leader.

Not only am I exposing some very poor decisions by the City Council, I am also proposing a solution.  Because that is what leaders do.  Here it is.  Vote the current SeaTac City Council out of office.

Under their oversight, there has been a scandal involving the City spending time and taxpayer money campaigning to SeaTac voters on an issue.  One in which the City was found culpable.  A scandal having to do with the new fire station being at least a million dollars over budget.   A decided preference in budgetary matters for the Angle Lake area, because 5 of the 7 council members  live there.  A decision to take a business’ property, and waste our money fighting to do it, in order to build a  . . . get this . . .  parking garage.  A council member running for re-election that has had some prior issues (Anderson).  A decision to fire the City Manager without taking public comment directly on that decision.  And plenty more to come.

So here is what you do, start with voting for Kovacs, Forschler, Fernald and Proposition #1. And then in two years, we’ll do it again.  Mr. Shape’s solution to problems?  Ignore that they exist and simply attack the messenger.