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A Change in the Wind

In my younger years I lived in a small town.  It was a farming community and there happened to be a feedlot a few miles north of town.  Most of the time we never noticed it.  But at other times, when the wind was blowing the wrong way, we were constantly reminded it was there.

Unfortunately for our fair city, the wind has been blowing the wrong way for far too long.  The smell in the air is waste, scandal, ineptitude, myopic thinking and a massive sense of entitlement by the current city council and their string-pullers.

For a breath of fresh air and for the betterment of SeaTac, here is how we should fill out our ballots.  (mines already mailed)

Proposition 1 – Yes

Why?  Well, because the current system under a City Manager is corrupt and wasteful – so much so that the City Manager almost gets paid as much as the Governor.  The current City Manager was bad but was also used as a scapegoat for the gross negligence of the Council.  We need someone accountable.  The current system allows the Council members to be, well, typical politicians, taking credit for others successes while completely ducking accountability for mistakes.  All the proof you need it right here.

SeaTac Council Position 2 – Richard Forschler

Why?  Because Rick is by far the best man for the job.  He has volunteered his time for years to the City.  He is a truly honest man and the right one for the job.  I have known Rick personally for a number of years and would vote for him over anyone currently on the Council.  Oh, and he lives on the north end so he won’t need “visioning” classes to know what the people want.

His opponent has never showed up to a council meeting, is not involved with the city, has not lived in the city for long (lives in Angle Lake now) and has the disposition of a used-car salesman.

This is an easy one.  Vote for Richard Forschler.

SeaTac Council Position 4 – Michael Kovacs

Why?  Because Michael is exactly the type we need to clean up the mess created by the sitting Council.  He is an auditor for Boeing, smart, personable and has an eye for detail.

His opponent?  Well, he was all tied up in the Port Porn Scandal (Link Here).    He has to recuse himself from key votes because he works for the Port of Seattle.   He is another Angle Laker who knows and cares little about the City outside his neighborhood.  He has made no difference on the City Council during his four years.

Kovacs by a mile.

SeaTac Council Position 6 – Pam Fernald

Why?  Because Pam is a long time resident of SeaTac and is a ball of fire.  She has the spirit and tenacity to help reform the City.  She was a co-founder of Neighbors without Borders and has devoted significant time and effort to bettering our community.

Her opponent?  The least qualified candidate to fill Joe Brennan’s empty seat he was appointed based on him living in Angle Lake.  Proof Here. A follower and not a leader.  Basically void of any qualifications except as Angle Lake Shore Club President.

So, if you aren’t convinced please peruse the site, send me an e-mail or  follow a link.  It is time for a breath of fresh air.