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Back to Work :)

I have taken a break from the blog since the election.   But, the vacation is over.

Tonight the city will take some actions on the farce that is the eminent domain of the Cassan property.  A city that spends next to nothing in the budget to add sidewalks is looking to spend $25 million to put ANOTHER parking lot next to the airport – an one that cannot even be used for people going to the airport.

The Seattle Times agrees.  Their editorial supporting common sense is here.  I imagine that people like Ralph Shape are thickheaded enough to ignore common sense and the wishes of the residents and try to push it forward anyway.  Without a doubt he is one of the worst SeaTac city counsel members that have been elected.

I doubt that Shape and company have been to Burien to see how that downtown has turned out so far.  Drive around.  See for yourself.  The business space is sitting vacant.   Vacancy rates in Seattle are 22%.  Knowing this you want to squeeze more money out of the residents of SeaTac to create more empty space?  And why?  Who is going to go there, Pay for Parking, and visit some shops when they can head to Southcenter?

This should be put up to a vote.