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By way of introduction . . . of me and SeaTac

Hello Reader,

My name is Michael Siefkes and I live in the fine city of SeaTac.  I have been married for almost 18 years and have 5 children.  I am an attorney and have my own office in Burien.  I also have an MBA.

My first attempts to get involved with the city were several years ago when the city offices were on International Boulevard.  I went to some City Council meetings and volunteered for some committees.  At the time, I was not called back.   In more recent years, I have been involved with the city as both a member of the City Council and a member of the SeaTac Planning Commission.

I came away from those experiences extremely concerned for my city.   A city council of 7 part-timers is supposed to have effective oversight of a city government wielding a budget of over $60 million?  This is a council that is supposed to represent the whole city when almost all of them live within a block or two from each other in Angle Lake?  There are too many other issues, problems, conflicts of interest etc. to cover in an introduction but we will go over them in depth over the next few weeks.

Just know two things:

1.  This is a council that does almost nothing for the average person living in SeaTac.  Drive around any residential area and you will see how little the city cares about the 25,000+ people.  Sidewalks?  Gutters?  Nope.  We will get back to that.

2. This is a city government that is hopelessly out of control.  Most city, state and local governments are cutting staff – we seem to be growing staff.  People are hurting, and the council votes a resolution that it disagrees with tax cuts.  We have an overpaid City Manager (who lives nowhere near SeaTac) whose loyalty to the city only extends as far as his next paycheck.

I look forward to our journey of discovery.  Hopefully, we can end at a better place than we began.