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Gregerson, the Highline Times and Slick Tony’s Sideshow

The following is my response to the Highline Times and is posted here and after the article.  It is linked here.

On March 31, the e-mails were exchanged between Councilmember Gregerson and Mr. Leonard Luna.  I was informed of the e-mails and, after talking to several people, found that the Councilmember had been rude and insensitive to other people, even so far that one person had her e-mails automatically sent to the trash folder.

Because of this, I felt it important to find out just how bad the problem was.  On April 1, I filed a Public Disclosure Act request for her e-mails.  I was told it would take some time as I was behind two other significant requests.

I originally thought I would drop the request had Councilmember Gregerson resigned.  But since that time, I have been strongly pressured to drop the request.  This leads me to believe there is far more to the e-mails than a few “witty” comments disguised as clumsy insults.  It is best for all of us to know what the e-mails contain, even if it costs the councilmember and some city staff their jobs.  This story is now about the contents of the e-mails, no matter how the issue is resolved with Mr. Luna.

By the way, a very large and telling part of the story has not yet been publicly told, but will be soon.

Tony Anderson has decided to assist Councilmember Gregerson.  The truth is that his statements are simply a political diversionary tactic. He seems unusually adept at being a politician.  For example, he claims to speak for the whole council (really?).  He throws a red herring that this has something to do with people wanting a strong mayor.  He claims that a city that just bought an unnecessary building for $12 million is going to lose money by putting some e-mails on a CD.

What do the e-mails contain?  That is the key.  Everything else is just Slick Tony’s Sideshow.