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The Strategy of the Desperate

I was called last week by two people in connection with Mia-gate.  Each of them explained that they had been asked to attend tomorrows City Council Meeting and decry the Public Records Request for Councilmember Gregerson’s e-mails.  Both said they were supportive of my request and simply wanted to let me know of the artificial furor that was going to be generated.

The City Council has no authority to stop my FOIA request.  Not only that, those opposing the request know that there is nothing that will convince me to drop the request.

So why are they doing this?  Simple.  The politics of distraction.  They would like to shift the focus onto the request itself instead of on the pending results.

Those opposing the Public Records Request may parade a few people up there decrying the request, but their arguments are easily batted aside.   They will say how Mia apologized to Leonard Luna umpteen times and try to make this an argument about Leonard.   The truth is that this request was not initiated by Leonard and will go forward no matter how that situation is resolved.   They will talk about how much this costs.  Remember this.  The city just bought a superfluous building for $12 million because it was “a good price.”  That purchase generated two huge Public Records Requests – far larger requests than mine.  If they want to cry costs hold them accountable for the costs they generated.

The public expects a certain amount of maturity and decorum from City Council Members.  The Council should be ecstatic for the request, right?  IF they were acting as they should and as we should expect there would be nothing to hide.  Instead, they fear the exposure of who they really are.

True character is shown by how you act when you do not think anyone will know about it.  We will soon know.