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Mia: I was “witty” for calling him a lunatic!

original_imageWow, really?

The Highline Times published an on-line story about Councilmember Gregerson.  Link.

Witty definately would not have been the word I would have used.

A heck of a lot more to come.


She stays . . . for now.

Tonight, Ms. Gregerson made the politically expedient move and staged an apology to Mr. Luna at the city council meeting.  She then failed to show character by following her words with any action – like resigning from the council.

There is much more to the story of course.  I am waiting to verify one very large part of the story before posting it here.  I had hoped she would resign and save me the need to do so.  As soon as I get the verified information I will post it here.

The  rest of the story goes like this.  Fixseatac has been in semi-hibernation.  Then one day I get a copy of the e-mail Ms. Gregerson sent to Leonard calling him a “lunatic.”  Her response to Leonard can be seen one of two ways.  One, she was arrogant enough to think she could call a SeaTac voter a “lunatic” with impunity.  Or, two, she was calling Mr Luna a “lunatic” to someone else and accidently sent it to Leonard.  If that is the case it is very revealing of her true nature.

After some investigation, I became aware there are other e-mails from her floating around.  Because of that, I filed a Public Records Request for all e-mails sent and received by her since taking office.  I am becoming more and more convinced that those e-mails will cost her her office and possibly some city employees their jobs.  It will take some time for me to get them but when I do so will you.

More to come.


Many call for Gregerson to resign.

In light of the latest incident, many are calling on Mia Gregerson to resign from the SeaTac city council.  Those who have dealt with Mrs. Gregerson over the years know that she is not cut out for being on the city council.   She is a bad combination of uninformed, entitled and abrasive.

So, what was the latest?  Leonard Luna sent the SeaTac City counsel an e-mail.   The e-mail was simple.  Here it is.

ScreenHunter_01 Apr. 01 16.38Seems pretty tame right?  A concerned citizen looking for answers from an unresponsive city government.  An e-mail that was not specifically addressed to any specific council member.  The response? One word.

ScreenHunter_02 Apr. 01 16.45

Lunatic?  Really?  There is no excuse for a city council member to act like this.  Ever.  SeaTac deserves better.  This is not the first time for this type of behavior from her.

More to come.


Mia calls a resident a Lunatic!

Coming soon.

Back to Work :)

I have taken a break from the blog since the election.   But, the vacation is over.

Tonight the city will take some actions on the farce that is the eminent domain of the Cassan property.  A city that spends next to nothing in the budget to add sidewalks is looking to spend $25 million to put ANOTHER parking lot next to the airport – an one that cannot even be used for people going to the airport.

The Seattle Times agrees.  Their editorial supporting common sense is here.  I imagine that people like Ralph Shape are thickheaded enough to ignore common sense and the wishes of the residents and try to push it forward anyway.  Without a doubt he is one of the worst SeaTac city counsel members that have been elected.

I doubt that Shape and company have been to Burien to see how that downtown has turned out so far.  Drive around.  See for yourself.  The business space is sitting vacant.   Vacancy rates in Seattle are 22%.  Knowing this you want to squeeze more money out of the residents of SeaTac to create more empty space?  And why?  Who is going to go there, Pay for Parking, and visit some shops when they can head to Southcenter?

This should be put up to a vote.


A Good Start . . .

First off, congratulations to Rick Forschler and Pamela Fernald.  Hopefully they will bring back a little common sense to the council even though they represent a minority.

The proposition for an elected mayor lost by a scant 9 votes.  So, if 5 of those 9 had heard the truth instead of some of the insidious lies told by the anti-change crowd we would start to have some accountability back in city hall.

Michaels Kovacs received 1582 votes.  That would have been enough to get him elected last election in any of the races.  It was a good showing by him but the guy whose singular accomplishment seems to be that he is tall made his way back on the council.

This is only a start.  We will have no unopposed seats next election.   And the mayor issue will be back.


A Change in the Wind

In my younger years I lived in a small town.  It was a farming community and there happened to be a feedlot a few miles north of town.  Most of the time we never noticed it.  But at other times, when the wind was blowing the wrong way, we were constantly reminded it was there.

Unfortunately for our fair city, the wind has been blowing the wrong way for far too long.  The smell in the air is waste, scandal, ineptitude, myopic thinking and a massive sense of entitlement by the current city council and their string-pullers.

For a breath of fresh air and for the betterment of SeaTac, here is how we should fill out our ballots.  (mines already mailed)

Proposition 1 – Yes

Why?  Well, because the current system under a City Manager is corrupt and wasteful – so much so that the City Manager almost gets paid as much as the Governor.  The current City Manager was bad but was also used as a scapegoat for the gross negligence of the Council.  We need someone accountable.  The current system allows the Council members to be, well, typical politicians, taking credit for others successes while completely ducking accountability for mistakes.  All the proof you need it right here.

SeaTac Council Position 2 – Richard Forschler

Why?  Because Rick is by far the best man for the job.  He has volunteered his time for years to the City.  He is a truly honest man and the right one for the job.  I have known Rick personally for a number of years and would vote for him over anyone currently on the Council.  Oh, and he lives on the north end so he won’t need “visioning” classes to know what the people want.

His opponent has never showed up to a council meeting, is not involved with the city, has not lived in the city for long (lives in Angle Lake now) and has the disposition of a used-car salesman.

This is an easy one.  Vote for Richard Forschler.

SeaTac Council Position 4 – Michael Kovacs

Why?  Because Michael is exactly the type we need to clean up the mess created by the sitting Council.  He is an auditor for Boeing, smart, personable and has an eye for detail.

His opponent?  Well, he was all tied up in the Port Porn Scandal (Link Here).    He has to recuse himself from key votes because he works for the Port of Seattle.   He is another Angle Laker who knows and cares little about the City outside his neighborhood.  He has made no difference on the City Council during his four years.

Kovacs by a mile.

SeaTac Council Position 6 – Pam Fernald

Why?  Because Pam is a long time resident of SeaTac and is a ball of fire.  She has the spirit and tenacity to help reform the City.  She was a co-founder of Neighbors without Borders and has devoted significant time and effort to bettering our community.

Her opponent?  The least qualified candidate to fill Joe Brennan’s empty seat he was appointed based on him living in Angle Lake.  Proof Here. A follower and not a leader.  Basically void of any qualifications except as Angle Lake Shore Club President.

So, if you aren’t convinced please peruse the site, send me an e-mail or  follow a link.  It is time for a breath of fresh air.


Out of Shape

Mr. Shape may need to go to the dentist to remove his foot from his mouth this time.  He wrote a letter to the Highline Times – and Rami Belson’s old adage came to mind.  “It’s better to keep your mouth shut and give the impression that you’re stupid than to open it and remove all doubt.”  Thank you Mr. Shape, for removing all doubt.

I call him “Mr.” instead of Mayor for a reason.  In a weak mayor form of government, the mayor is good for little but numerous silly photo-ops. (Yeah, Ralph, it sure looked like you were climbing that YMCA rock wall!)

I want to note that I am a private citizen, not a public figure.  I am not running for office, nor have I asked anyone to run for office, or donated as much as a penny to a candidate, or cause this election.  And, as great of an idea as it is, I have never been involved in Proposition 1.

This summer, I decided to become involved again with the City.  Not as a candidate, or member of a committee or commission, but simply as an impartial observer looking at how the city has done over the last four years.

What I found was both sad and disappointing.  That is why I started  As I looked closer at the City I love, I found incompetence, ignorance and scandal on the City Council.  I have found waste, poor leadership and preferential treatment.  Basically, I have found what you would expect to find when a City Council is completely unaccountable for their actions to the voters.

As you look through you can see that the items are backed up by evidence, unlike the personal attacks by Mr. Shape towards me.  Mr. Shape’s entire letter comes off like a three year old that just had his favorite toy taken away from him.  True leaders react to unpleasant truths by addressing the issues.  Poor leaders react by attacking the messenger. Mr. Shape is a poor leader.

Not only am I exposing some very poor decisions by the City Council, I am also proposing a solution.  Because that is what leaders do.  Here it is.  Vote the current SeaTac City Council out of office.

Under their oversight, there has been a scandal involving the City spending time and taxpayer money campaigning to SeaTac voters on an issue.  One in which the City was found culpable.  A scandal having to do with the new fire station being at least a million dollars over budget.   A decided preference in budgetary matters for the Angle Lake area, because 5 of the 7 council members  live there.  A decision to take a business’ property, and waste our money fighting to do it, in order to build a  . . . get this . . .  parking garage.  A council member running for re-election that has had some prior issues (Anderson).  A decision to fire the City Manager without taking public comment directly on that decision.  And plenty more to come.

So here is what you do, start with voting for Kovacs, Forschler, Fernald and Proposition #1. And then in two years, we’ll do it again.  Mr. Shape’s solution to problems?  Ignore that they exist and simply attack the messenger.


“Firing” and “Visioning” to save our jobs!

Desperate people do desperate things and this election is no different. After four years of accomplishing nothing on the Council, Anderson and the rest of the Council are doing two things to try to convince you, the voter, that they are more than the tail being wagged by the City dog.

First up?  They fire Craig Ward, the City Manager.  For those of you in the “SeaTac works now” camp that should be enough to show you the fallacy of your ways.  Mr. Ward needed to be fired.  The timing, however, is very suspect.  They could have fired him long ago when we cost the city tens of thousands of dollars in the PDC scandal.  What did they do?  Nothing.  They could have fired him right after they learned the city had lost well over a million dollars (maybe two) in the construction of the new fire station.  They sat silent.  Why?  Because they were counting on a disinterested public not noticing.  But now, weeks before an election, with people paying attention they finally had to act.  They did so without public discussion.  They took no public comment as to that action. (They voted without comment to put it on the consent agenda.  Way to take a stand.)  They took action for political reasons only and no other

The council is also going through a “visioning” process.  Yes, that is right.  The Council does not feel it has a grasp on what you, the voter, want from the City.  So, they hired someone (at what cost?) to tell them.   I do know this.  If Anderson and Ladenburg do not already know what the people of SeaTac want than it is time for them to go.  Those without a vision should not be leading our City.

So, my vote will be going for Yes to Prop 1, and to Kovacs, Fernald and Forschler.  They have a vision.


Does a Council Member Live Near You? (Map)

Unless you live in Angle Lake the chances are between slim and none.  Let’s ignore Chris Wythe for the moment as he is not running for reelection and that leaves only Gene Fisher as the Council Member representing the rest of SeaTac. It is time for a change!